A Woman’s a Helluva Thing

Starring Angus Macfayden, Penelope Ann Miller, Ann-Margaret, and Kathryn Harrold. Directed by Karen Leigh Hopkins. Showtime Ent., 2001

This movie was shot in and around Winnipeg. I was asked to create a sculpture that would be on the grounds of the ranch in the movie. It was created to appear carved from granite and it was a torso trying to release itself from a block of stone. It was labeled Freeing Houston. I created the piece with the guidance of the art director and it was used for the filming. Once they were finished with it they decided that rather than destroying it they may as well return it to me and it is to this day in my yard still fooling those that see it into believing that it is a solid block of granite. It has begun to grow lichens and other plant forms which makes it look even more authentic. It was carved from styrofoam and coated with acrylic stucco.

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