With our services your home will be immaculate.

Services 01

Interior design

In fulfilling the goals of a client, Style Vision incorporates luxury, comfort, and understated elegance in a strong bold statement to create a truly unparalleled environment. 

Space Planning

Designer Sourced Furnishings

Construction administration


Services 02

Commercial design

We are a full service design firm that focuses on new construction, and boutique style commercial spaces. The most successful design is never one-size-fits-all.

Schematic design

Space planning

Finishing touches

Services 03

Repair and finishing

We carry out any repair and finishing works of cottages, office buildings shops and so on.. Our specialists have all the necessary knowledge to offer the best results.

Repair of apartments

Repair of offices

Repair of houses


Services 04


We carry out the construction of the house on a turn-key basis: we perform the project of the house, build the walls of the cottage, build the roof adn so on…

Finish the facade

Fill the foundation

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